• Public Equity Large Cap Fund (PELC)
    The PELC Fund invests in the public markets, focusing on Large-Cap, S&P 500 stocks. Extensive research helps us identify buy opportunities and capitalize on them. The fund focuses on being conservative and producing steady positive returns.
  • Private Equity Fund (PEF)
    The PEG Fund invests in businesses, through direct equity investment or acquisitions. Our private equity fund focuses on acquiring distressed private equity assets – companies that have potential, but are mismanaged or happen to be in a temporary adverse financial position. The industries we focus on include retail, energy, natural resources, food and agriculture.
  • Russia Fund (RF)
    Our Russia Fund invests in assets & projects on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and CIS countries. The funds focus is on natural resources, including oil & gas, as well as metals, fertilizer production, chemical production and other natural resource industries.
  • Technology Fund (TF)
    Our technology fund portfolio companies include, a tech job search with Fortune 500 defense clients, as well as, a Cyber-Security Firm.
  • Residential Multi-Family Real Estate Fund (RMRE)
    The RCRE Fund focuses on residential multi-family housing. The fund acquires distressed or mismanaged real estate and applies proven methodology and management practices to maximize returns. We are currently focused on the South-Western Region of the United States – California, Arizona and Nevada. These three states have experienced a tremendous population surge, resulting in property values doubling or tripling within a span of a few years. We believe these regions hold tremendous potential and are constantly expanding our asset portfolio.