Investment Philosophy

17Palms Wealth Management employs a modified asset allocation strategy as
portfolios are managed. We use a design foundation of efficient frontier and
modern portfolio theories (Sharpe and Markowitz). Additionally, we believe
current conditions require tactical adjustments as conditions and circumstances

A variety of assets in the construction of portfolios including individual
stocks, individual bonds, ETFs, preferred stocks, institutional and retail funds
and other financial instruments. Other investment categories assessed

  • Investment Styles:
  • Equity Size: Large Cap/Mid Cap/Small Cap
  • Regions: US Domestic/Global/International
  • Fixed Income: Government/Agency/Corporate
  • Duration: Ultra Short/Short
    Term/Intermediate/Long Term
  • Alternative Assets: REITs/Preferred
    Stocks/Other Hybrids

Selecting the Right Model for You

There is no single asset allocation model to fit every investor, or for every
stage of a person’s life. Selecting your asset allocation involves carefully
considering a number of key questions:

  • Investment Goals: Why are you
    investing? What are your short term needs and long term goals?
  • Time Horizon: When will the money be
    needed? At retirement or sooner, or to send a child to college?
  • Liquidity Needs: How quickly do you
    need to be able to recover your investment and turn it into cash?
  • Risk Tolerance: How comfortable are
    you with the inevitable ups and downs of the financial markets?
  • Tax Impact: Will the investments add
    greatly to your income tax burden?
  • Economic Conditions: Inflation, interest
    rates, and the state of the economy.

17Palms Wealth Management has designed model allocations, each profiling
a specific level of risk tolerance and return. These models’ foundations are
determined by utilizing quantitative, statistical analysis to determine the
highest potential return for a given level of risk on the efficient frontier.